Curtis Lofton is a Saint

Several days after being wined and dined by the New Orleans Saints, Curtis Lofton agreed to a five-year deal with the team.

Lofton was the Falcons’ second-round selection in the 2008 NFL Draft.  Since being drafted, Lofton has been the Falcons’ starting middle linebacker.

With Lofton, you’re getting a stout run defender who’ll rack up tackles but won’t make many game-changing plays. His lateral speed has already been adversely affected after already undergoing two knee surgeries by age 25. He’s been dubbed as a two-down player, and despite the coaches desperately wanting him to be a three-down linebacker, he never became that. At least it’ll give the Falcons a chance to take the defense in a different direction.

Lofton was one of my favorite Falcons. Unfortunately, now that he’s a member of the Falcons’ biggest rival, he’s officially dead to me.

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2 thoughts on “Curtis Lofton is a Saint

  1. Sucks when players switch to rival teams! I never understood that.

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