Arthur Blank: “My Team is on the Field.”

I made this assertion in an earlier post to explain the Falcons’ “inactivity” in free agency. In an interview with ESPN’s Pat Yasinskas, Blank confirms that notion.

“I feel good about where we are,’’ Blank said. “I know we didn’t make a big splash going into free agency. But that really wasn’t our intention going into this year. We really felt we had a lot of talent. We were fortunate that we had the opportunity to bring in the two new coordinators and a few other coaches. At some point, it’s not even a matter of if the contents are correct. Sometimes, it’s a matter of who is delivering the message and whether the players are hearing it or not.’’  

As Yasinskas points out, the 2011 Falcons were essentially the same team as the 2010 Falcons. The glaring difference being consistency; the 2011 Falcons went 10-6 and were wholly inconsistent, whereas the 2010 Falcons went 13-3 and were almost entirely consistent.

It was clear the Falcons had outgrown Mike Mularkey’s conservative and stagnant offense. Even with the addition of the explosive Julio Jones, the offense looked dull. In comes Dirk Koetter, who brings a much more aggressive offensive philosophy. You have to ignore the ranks of the Jacksonville Jaguar’s offense under Koetter; the only player worth mentioning on that offense is Maurice Jones-Drew. There’s nothing you can do with that offense.  There’s no doubt Koetter will be able to effectively employ his philosophy with the Falcons’ offense.

With Mike Nolan, you’ve got great defensive coordinator whose background speaks for itself. Most importantly, he’s aggressive unlike the former defensive coordinator, Brian VanGorder.

Yasinskas end the article nicely with:

“Like it or not, Blank is putting his team (the one chosen by Smith and Dimitroff) on the field this fall. You might not like it now and that’s fine with Blank. He thinks you’ll like it a lot more as the season goes along.” 

I’m on board.

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