Falcons Start OTAs

The Falcons opened up OTAs today. After the cut, you’ll find several tweets from the Atlanta Falcons Twitter account and a few videos from the Falcons’ first OTA session.

Atlanta_Falcons ‏@Atlanta_Falcons 
Smith: You all saw Asante line up on the left side and right side. Where he ends up is something that we will look at very closely. 

Atlanta_Falcons ‏@Atlanta_Falcons 

Dunta Robinson talking to @FalconsDCox about potentially moving inside to nickel#atlotashttp://pic.twitter.com/oh3ZFw13

Atlanta_Falcons ‏@Atlanta_Falcons 
Dunta: Having three very good corners is a good problem to have. 

Atlanta_Falcons ‏@Atlanta_Falcons 
Sean Weatherspoon says Asante talks a little smack on the field. “I definitely like that,” Spoon says.#atlotashttp://pic.twitter.com/ujjYy1pI 

Atlanta_Falcons ‏@Atlanta_Falcons 
QB @M_Ryan02 says @pick_six22 is going to make us better. Going against him in practice will be good work for him. http://pic.twitter.com/4s5OC9Wf

Atlanta_Falcons ‏@Atlanta_Falcons 
Now @pick_six22 is speaking with the media. He had two interceptions during practice today.#atlotashttp://pic.twitter.com/cUjFOobg 

Also, D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Consitution has videos of Matt Ryan and Asante Samuel after OTAs, and also a video of the Falcons warming up for OTAs.

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