Roddy White Defends Penn State

Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is at it again.

A few months ago, I highlighted a few of White’s Twitter battles. Now, after we learned everyone at Penn State is without morals, White decided to weigh in:

@roddywhiteTV A lot of stuff get swept under the rug at university’s don’t understand why penn state had to tell the media we got a coach rapping kids

@roddywhiteTV You know that’s gone hurt the university you can’t control a grown man I just think they should’ve got him arrested and that’s the end

@roddywhiteTV Joe pa told the people he was suppose to tell he is a football coach he coaches 100 student athletes the head people should’ve done more

@roddywhiteTV I would send my kid there if he wanted to go he wasn’t rappin football players that’s a great program that joe pa ran

@roddywhiteTV Y’all are crazy for thinking I’m saying it was ok for penn state to hide the incident but to blame joe pa when he told the people is bad

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the Falcons still allow White to use Twitter.

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One thought on “Roddy White Defends Penn State

  1. […] Falcons receiver Roddy White isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. He’s made headlines on Twitter, whether it’s talking about gay people or weighing in on Penn State. […]

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