What Happens if the Falcons Go One And Done Again?

I think the Atlanta Falcons finally get that playoff win Sunday.

But what if they don’t? What if the Seattle Seahawks force Atlanta into another early exit from the playoffs? It’ll be the third consecutive year the Falcons went one and done, and it’ll be the fourth time in five years the Falcons lost in their first playoff game.

The talking heads will be out in full force dissecting Atlanta’s ineptitude in the playoffs.

It’ll be a long, long offseason for the organization, from owner Arthur Blank to the fans.

Surely, if the Falcons fall to 0-4 under the current regime, there has to be some shakeup within, right?

Blank has already gone on record to say head coach Mike Smith’s isn’t on the hot seat, and I believe him. Looking past the lack of playoff success, Smith has brought five straight winning seasons to Atlanta – a feat made even more impressive by the fact the franchise had yet to post back-to-back winning seasons.

Smith, general manager Thomas Dimitroff, and quarterback Matt Ryan have posted a 56-24 record in the regular season since 2008. That absolutely cannot be overlooked, and it’d be foolish to think that production is easily replaceable.

Losing Sunday is unacceptable. With that said, I doubt there’d be a major shakeup. However, a failure next season would almost ensure things would be blown up, and the Falcons would be forced to start from scratch.

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5 thoughts on “What Happens if the Falcons Go One And Done Again?

  1. Josh says:

    Kendall, a loss this Sunday would be very frustrating/interesting. These playoff appearances had me buying into the Seahawks hype for a second…I’m over it now n confident as ever in these Falcons. Heavy game tho no doubt. If you’re not a Falcons fan you have no true idea about what’s at stake. I texted my Chargers fan friend that I will prolly cry either way on Sunday.

    • I NEVER bought into the Seahawks hype. They’re a good team, yeah, but I think people are going a bit overboard with it.

      Like you, I’m really confident. This team just feels different. Maybe it’s Ryan’s confidence; maybe it’s Dirk Koetter and Mike Nolan; maybe it’s the addition of Asante Samuel. In reality, it’s probably a mixture of all of the above.

      If the Falcons win, it’s going to be a feeling of pure elation; I can’t take another one and done.

      Here’s to Atlanta winning Sunday!

      • Josh says:

        I can’t take another one and done either friend… But I’ll be back next year regardless, lol.

        Here’s to a huge win.

        I couldn’t agree more about Assante. He is exactly what this team needed, he has done what I was hoping Lawyer Milloy was going to do x10.

        Good blog here, my name is Josh, ill be checking in often.

        All I keep thinking is what a shame it is that Grimes isn’t here.

  2. Josh says:

    Oh, lol my name is on…well, my name.

    • Thanks for the compliment, and nice to meet you, Josh.

      Man, that Grimes injury kills me to think about. The secondary has been playing well as it is, but having the team’s best cornerback back there would’ve been ridiculous.

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