The Falcons Aren’t Moving to Los Angeles

A Fox 5 Atlanta report revealed ownership in Los Angeles have interest in bringing the Atlanta Falcons to the city.

It’s not happening.

Los Angeles is interested in nearly every NFL team. Why? Because the city has no NFL team. Remember: Los Angeles already had two NFL teams (Raiders, Rams), and they both flopped.

Secondly, Atlanta is already a good venue for sports and entertainment. Plus, with the Falcons being as good as they are now and having the most support they’ve had since probably 1998, it would be foolish to move them now.

Owner Arthur Blank has made it clear how much he loves Atlanta. Blank’s a man of his word, so I would think he’d be transparent about moving the Falcons.

Rest easy, Falcons fans. The Falcons are remaining in Atlanta.

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2 thoughts on “The Falcons Aren’t Moving to Los Angeles

  1. Jay Compton says:

    Neither the Raiders nor the Rams flopped in Los Angeles. The reason that both moved is that the taxpayers refused to pay for new stadiums. The new Farmers Field is a privately financed venture backed by AEG. The biggest hold up so far in getting a team to relocate is that AEG wants a significant interest in the team that comes to play at Farmers Field, and the owners haven’t been willing to sell at the prices that AEG is willing to pay. Maybe AEG is willing to pay more for a team that reached the NFC Championship game this year.

    • You’re correct; saying they flopped insinuates they failed. As you pointed out, that isn’t the case. I probably should’ve said something along the lines of “didn’t last.”

      Thanks for setting the record straight.

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