Falcons Give LB Brian Banks a Shot

Brian Banks was exonerated of a rape case last year. (Doug Farrar)

Brian Banks unjustly spent five years in prison. (Doug Farrar)

The Atlanta Falcons are taking a chance on a guy who spent more than five years in prison for a rape he never committed.

As initially reported by Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the Falcons have signed 27-year-old linebacker Brian Banks.

Banks was a high school football star who was planning to play football at USC in 2002, but that changed when he was essentially forced to accept a plea deal to avoid a lengthy prison sentence for a rape accusation.

Years later, the woman who accused him of rape recanted her accusation.

More on Banks’ story here.

I’m rooting for Banks, and it has nothing to do with him signing with my favorite team. How can you root against a guy who, after years of unjust imprisonment, has been given another shot at living his dream? You can’t.

The Falcons are thin at linebacker, so if Banks can make the team, he’ll provide much needed depth. Who knows – he might even become a stud. One thing’s for certain: You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a player who’s going to work harder at proving he belongs on an NFL team.

Glazer has this to say about his chances at making the Falcons’ final roster:

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