Darrelle Revis in the NFC South Means Nothing for the Falcons

Darrelle Revis is coming off an ACL injury. (Stephen Dunn)

Darrelle Revis missed last season with an ACL injury. (Stephen Dunn)

One of the Atlanta Falcons’ division rivals, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, traded for cornerback Darrelle Revis on Sunday.

And although Revis is easily the best cornerback in the league, his arrival to the NFC South means nothing for the Falcons.

First things first: Revis, who will be 28 years old at the start of the upcoming season, is coming off an ACL injury he suffered at the beginning of last season. There’s a chance he doesn’t return the form.

Secondly, Revis is just one man. Last season, the Bucs’ secondary was atrocious; they ranked dead-last in the league, surrendering 297.4 yards per game. While adding Revis will certainly bolster their pass defense, it’s not going to suddenly make the secondary formidable.

One player doesn’t suddenly make the Bucs contenders for the NFC South. The other three teams in the division each have something the Bucs lack: a franchise quarterback. Josh Freeman isn’t there yet as a franchise quarterback, and even his head coach shares the same sentiment.

Let’s assume Revis does return to form. He’ll take out whichever receiver he’s on, but that just means whoever isn’t being blanketed will be able to feast on Eric Wright, the Bucs’ other cornerback. Let’s not forget Atlanta has weapons across the board: Tony Gonzalez, Steven Jackson, Julio Jones, and Roddy White. Again: Revis can’t cover everyone.

The only division rival the Falcons will be competing with for the division title is the New Orleans Saints, and the Bucs’ addition of an All-Pro cornerback does nothing to change that.

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