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Did Vick Cost Falcons a Super Bowl Title?

Former Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has been appearing on several media outlets to discuss his new book, Finally Free. 

Yesterday, Vick was on NFL Network’s Total Access. While on the show, he admitted he cost the Falcons a Super Bowl because he didn’t take the time to study film.

I understand what Vick is trying to say, but I don’t necessarily think he cost the Falcons a Super Bowl. Granted, I fully believe the Falcons could have very well notched back-to-back winning seasons long ago if Vick had actually taken the time to study, but I don’t think a Super Bowl title was certain.

The Falcons squads during the Vick era really weren’t that great. The number one receiver on the depth chart was Peerless Price – a massive trade bust. The leading receiver each year was tight end Alge Crumpler, a very good tight end at the time. The most dangerous part of the offense was the three-headed monster of Warrick Dunn, Vick, and T.J. Duckett. However, what happens when the opposing defense is able to shut down the run game? See: 2004 NFC Championship Game.

It’s a little disheartening to think about what Vick could’ve been in Atlanta, but his mistakes and ultimately his conviction allowed the Falcons to be in a much better position than they’ve ever been in at any point during the franchise’s history.

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