Please, Falcons, Don’t Go On HBO’s Hard Knocks

The Falcons have been offered the spot for this year’s Hard Knocks, but they do not fit the mold of the series. At all.

Hard Knocks is an NFL reality sports documentary series that followed a select team throughout training camp. Ultimately, it gives insight as to how the NFL operates, mainly focusing on rookies and players on the fringe of making the team’s roster.

This will be the series’ seventh season. Previously featured were the Baltimore Ravens (2001), Dallas Cowboys (2002, 2008), Kansas City Chiefs (2007), Cincinnati Bengals (2009), and most recently, the New York Jets (2010).

Those teams all had some sort of drama, whether it was the many stories that always revolve around Jerry Jones and America’s Team, Chad Ochocinco’s antics with the Bengals, or Rex Ryan’s many profanity-laden tirades with the Jets.

The Falcons are, for all intents and purposes, boring. And I mean really boring. They aren’t shrouded in any scandals; they do things by the book, and it all comes from their head coach, Mike Smith.

Smith is the epitome of boring; he says the right things and doesn’t make for a “juicy” interview.

Other than Roddy White, the Falcons shy away from controversy. Naturally, when you have guys like Tony Gonzalez, Matt Ryan, and John Abraham in the locker room, the team’s going to be held in check. These veterans understand what it means to have class.

There’s no way the team would provide the “entertainment” the show usually provides. Of course, there’ll be a few quips from White, and Sean Weatherspoon will undoubtedly provide hilarious trash-talk, but that’s about it.

Lastly, the Falcons absolutely do not need the distraction the show brings.

Don’t do it, Falcons.

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2 thoughts on “Please, Falcons, Don’t Go On HBO’s Hard Knocks

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